Shawn Bhagat

Shawn Bhagat was selected by Ernst & Young as one of Great Dallas Entrepreneurs and finalist for the coveted title of Entrepreneur of the Year as a result of his 30 years of retail market expertise and leadership within his industry – retail service station support operations.

a.   Since acquiring American Fuel Distributors in 1997, he expanded its operation from handling 5 million gallons of fuel to nearly 180 million gallons annually.

b.   As a result of both his reputation of accomplishment and his willingness to apply proven business principals to cutting edge industry initiatives, he has risen to positions of leadership, including Chairman of the National Association of Service Station Operators.

c.   These 8500 service station operators are willing to trust in his vision for compressed natural gas as a feasible business opportunity and a viable transportation fuel and also form a reliable source for station operators.

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