Dmitri Tisnoi

Dmitri Tisnoi’s areas of responsibility include strategic business development, and product marketing. Dmitri’s expertise allows the company to find and negotiate new locations as well as form alliances with clients and partners. Besides that, Dmitri is responsible for developing strategies to attract routine CNG users for CNG service stations. Prior to joining the partnership Dmitri was a founder and CEO of Venta Inc., an alternative energy vehicle distribution company specializing on import of alternative fuel vehicles as well as distribution and development of alternative fuel infrastructure.

a.   Through his electric vehicle ventures Dmitri gained a reputation for having extensive experience in international business and the alternative automobile industry and for having an unwavering belief in alternative energy and in leading-edge transportation technology.

b.   He is noted for accomplishing very effective marketing campaigns and establishing a market presence.

c.   Dmitri is knowledgeable and energetic about saving fleet operational costs and has adopted CNG as the viable transportation fuel for America.

d.  Under Dmitri’s supervision Venta was nominated as a first automotive distributor in Texas to receive “Working for Clean Air” award.

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