Charles Stone

Formerly the Director of Transportation for Mansfield Independent School District (MISD) where he was a leader in the state as President of the Texas Association for Pupil Transportation, a society of school district transportation professionals.  Charles is a true pioneer in the CNG fueling industry. On the very first day of “retirement”, Charles brought his 40 years of logistics and CNG experience to our team to further the CNG presence amongst school bus and municipal fleets, including the design-build of reliable, appropriate, and economical CNG refueling stations.

a.   He has been quite successful as an alternative fuels grant writer, successfully obtaining seven grants to improve the air quality of the Mansfield Texas operational area through the use of CNG.

b.   Mr. Stone brought MISD into effective CNG operations by repowering, converting or purchasing large and small school buses to support regular and special needs students. At the time of his retirement, 38 CNG-powered transit vehicles and 4 special needs school buses operated within the fleet of 200 buses.

c.   He specifically designed and had built for MISD two separate CNG fuel stations, each with time-fill stands for overnight refueling of the school buses.

1.         The initial station on Main Street has twenty (20) hoses for time-fill. Forty-two (42) school buses were fueled at this station, using operational plans that he designed while the additional station was being built.

2.         The second station, on Sixth Avenue, consisted of twenty-eight (28) hoses plus a fast-fill, retail sales dispenser is used for the top-off of school buses and is available for use by City of Mansfield and Mansfield ISD vehicles not parked overnight at the facility.

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