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Services - CNG Energy PartnersCNG Energy Partners

CNG Energy Partners Services

+Feasibility Study
Our company will gather all the information needed to provide any fleet management with detail understanding of conversion and infrastructure development options and costs. CNG Energy partners will deliver a personalized solution  providing your fleet with maximum savings, and fastest ROI.

Our role in the conversion of your fleet to CNG is to review your fleet fuel decision motivation to find the best solution for you and your fleet.
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+Funding & Grants Submission
Part of our service to the fleet owner is to find proper funds that might be available for use. We have access to banks, as well as public and private investors standing ready to provide creative financing solutions for natural gas fleet customers in the refuse, transit, trucking, shuttle, taxi and limousine industries.

Our grant writer has been successful on the federal level with the EPA and the DOE as well as the 2009 ARRA.  On the Texas level, he has been successful with the State Energy Conservation Office, the Texas Emission Reduction Program and the North Central Texas Council of Governments.
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+Fleet Conversions To CNG
We provide natural gas retrofits or installations to municipalities, state agencies, ISDs, public and private fleets of light, medium and heavy duty vehicles. Our understanding of fleet management, vehicle usage and technologies demonstrate how we provide customers with a true advantage in the marketplace.
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+Fueling Station Development
The design of a fueling station is dependent upon finding the right combination of needs versus wants, all within the confines of funding, vehicle sizes and quantity, available real estate and access to both roads and a natural gas pipeline.

After assessment we will present your fleet with different options varies in size and capacity and recommend the one addresses your fleet needs the best
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+Support and Maintenance
Each of our activities is designed to ensure that our customers receive full assistance through the whole process.  We eager to provide advice, actions, and support that our customers expect and that we believe is appropriate for their level of expertise.

We will handle many tasks associated with turn key solution experience our customer receive including: warranty claims, grant administration, training and fleet operation of CNG infrastructure use, training and fleet maintenance for CNG conversions etc
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+New Product Testing and Distribution
CNG Energy Partners offers manufacturers vital opportunities to advertise and distribute their latest CNG powered automotive products and fueling technologies.

We constantly validating and test driving new products that becomes to the market to provide customers with the latest and greatest CNG powered vehicles, CNG home fulling stations as well as state of the art public CNG fulling stations options.

+Education, operations issues and economic challenges
We are ready to assist any organization or panel board with public speaking to cover many of the important issues associated with implementation of successful CNG programs.
+Consulting Worldwide
We are eager to help with any and all of the CNG related topics domestically or worldwide.  From CNG load development for you existing public fueling station to presentations to foreign companies and governments, CNG Energy Partners ready to assist.

CNG Conversion Overview

Compressed Natural Gas solutions for the commercial entities are fairly often related to the economics of fuel management.  Key to the process is to have a cost recovery period which is relatively short when compared to the remaining useful life of the trucking asset.  Once the cost of installation and refueling station equipment is recaptured, every mile of fuel cost savings becomes business success and profits.

The breakeven point on a CNG conversion is determined by savings per mile spread over anticipated mileage.  The more miles traveled in a year, the faster the breakeven point arrives.  For example, a $10,000 conversion saving $2 per gallon would require 5000 gallon equivalents to breakeven, or if achieving 10 mpg would require 50,000 miles.  If achieving 20 mpg, the new requirement would be for 100,000 miles.  Knowing the factors will help us to advise the fleet owner in the decision process.