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  1. it wont sell as CNG though is clean is not that chpaeer than regular gasolinethis is what happened to the Civic CNG cars no ones buying them since CNG? prices went upthe energy companies always messing things upthis is what will happen to electricity when they start selling plug-ins

    • If I live in a state, such as Michigan, that does not have the low sulfur gas as in California, will a PZEV velhcie still provide some benefit even though not running on the cleaner’ gas? Will the car be damaged by running on traditional gas?

    • Well done, as usual. I have a feeling that if the US Dept of Energy’s fosisl fuel reserve data are accurate, we will see a lot more PZEV and ZEV a lot sooner than we expected. Fuel costs will simply not be sustainable.

  2. i will only buy a car that runs on hydrogen so i will keep drvniig my gas combustion engines until they start cranking out the first hydrogen cars i refuse to settle for anything less than more power? for my car

  3. This is person has no criiibdlety. she seemingly is not educated in this industry and consequently comes off as someone who should be doing something else. She must be someone’s girlfriend.? There is no dynamics to her. But, I love the car.

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