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The CNG In A Box system is a turnkey revenue revolution - CNG Energy Partners

The CNG In A Box system is a turnkey revenue revolution

Plug-and-play simplicity means on-site infrastructure is suddenly easy, and it comes ready to install at your existing site with all associated compressors, motors, Wayne-branded dispensers, storage and controls.


Install a CNG In A Box system and instantly access new revenue streams.

The CNG In A Box system is a breakthrough plug-and-play compressed natural gas (CNG) delivery system that stands ready to dramatically change the way America fuels its transportation sector. It combines GE’s extensive global manufacturing capabilities with the natural gas expertise of Peake Fuels to drive savings and shift to new revenue streams.

The result is a fully integrated, CNG fueling supply system, backed by GE’s ecomaginationTM qualification, that lets retailers access new profits instantly and helps fleet managers and consumers save up to 40% annually.

The CNG In A Box system drives new customers right to your pumps. You get a high-margin fuel that puts you at the forefront of a fueling revolution, and your customers get the less expensive, more reliable fuel they demand.

Our plug-and-play units tie into existing natural gas utility lines, so the latest addition to your fueling menu can be up and running in no time. We can even assist you with financing.

To add a CNG In A Box system to your location, please call us for details.

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