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Natural Gas Benefits and Considerations

Compressed and liquefied natural gas are clean, cheaper and domestically produced alternative fuels. Using these fuels in natural gas vehicles increases energy security and lowers emissions. Using renewable natural gas provides even more benefits. Like any alternative fuel, there are some considerations to take into account when contemplating the use of CNG.

Energy Security

In 2010, the United States imported about 49% of the petroleum it consumed—two-thirds of which is used to fuel vehicles in the form of gasoline and diesel. With.
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Corporate sustainability works best when employees are stakeholders

Based on the research of Sara Soderstrom And Klaus Weber cng sustainabilityIt isn’t easy going green. Although companies like Bank of America, General Electric, and Hewlett-Packard have shown that it is possible to lessen their footprint on the earth without going broke, making sustainability a reality in large corporations remains nontrivial. In order to lend insight into the process of change in large corporations, Klaus Weber, an assistant professor.
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